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Flag Of Ukraine Installed On Zmiinyi Island, Military Operation There Completed

Flag Of Ukraine Installed On Zmiinyi Island, Military Operation There Completed

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A military operation has been completed on the Zmiinyi Island. The flag of Ukraine was installed on the island.

This was stated by the head of the press center of the defense forces of southern Ukraine Nataliya Humeniuk at a briefing.

"The flag of Ukraine on the Zmiinyi Island has already been set. The military operation has been completed. At present, this territory has been returned to the jurisdiction of Ukraine again," she said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Operational Command South confirmed the information about the successful special operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Zmiinyi Island.

In the Russian Federation, their departure from the Zmiinyi Island was called a gesture of "good will", causing a strong reaction from users of social networks.

British intelligence reported that Russian troops were forced to leave the Ukrainian Zmiinyi Island due to constant attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, Zelenskyy said that the liberation of the Zmiinyi Island from Russian troops significantly changes the situation in the Black Sea.

On June 21, the Operational Command South of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that it had struck a garrison of Russian troops on the captured Zmiinyi Island.