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Occupiers Launch Missile Attack On Odesa Region, 6 Injured

Occupiers Launch Missile Attack On Odesa Region, 6 Injured

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On the night of Monday, June 27, Russian invaders launched a missile attack on Odesa region using Tu-22M strategic aircraft.

This was reported on Telegram by the Odesa City Council with reference to the official message of the Operational Command South.

It is reported that as a result of falling into a residential area of ​​one of the villages of the region, several residential buildings and outbuildings on an estimated area of ​​500 square meters were destroyed and ignited.

According to preliminary data, 6 people were injured, including a child.

Data on the scale of destruction and casualties are being specified.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, on Thursday, June 23, Russian invaders launched missiles in Odesa region.

A Russian naval mine exploded on a public beach near the village of Sychavka, Odesa region. A few hours earlier, it had boarded up at one of the local recreation centers.

Also, as a result of the shelling of Odesa region with Oniks missiles on June 20, one person was killed.

The Russian occupiers once again launched missile attacks on Odesa region. On the night of June 20, there was an attempt to strike at the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district, and in the morning - at Odesa itself.

On the night of Sunday, June 19, the Russian invaders attacked Odesa region with 2 missiles.