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Russian Su-25 Plane Crashes In Rostov Region

Russian Su-25 Plane Crashes In Rostov Region

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In the Rostov region near the Ukrainian border, a Su-25 attack aircraft crashed. The pilot died.

The press service of the Southern Military District reported this.

The Russian Federation said that the flight was carried out without ammunition, the plane crashed in a deserted place without damaging anything.

"According to preliminary information, the cause of the incident could be a technical malfunction. A commission of the Russian Aerospace Forces is working on the spot," the Southern Military District said.

At the same time, the Russian Telegram channel Baza reports that the cause of the crash was a collision with a power line.

This is not the first time that the Su-25 crashes under such circumstances: on June 17, in the Belgorod region, the pilot had to eject after a malfunction occurred in his plane.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Russian military is actively selling spare parts that are removed from their own military equipment.

Losses of personnel of Russian troops for June 20 increased by 300 to 34,100 killed, also the Ukrainian military over the past day destroyed 19 tanks, 7 cruise missiles and 10 drones.