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Epidemic Begins In Mariupol, First Cases Of Cholera And Dysentery Recorded

Epidemic Begins In Mariupol, First Cases Of Cholera And Dysentery Recorded

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In the destroyed Mariupol, where local residents still remain, the first cases of cholera and dysentery were recorded. Isolated cases have already been recorded. This was stated by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andriushchenko, during the Unified News telethon, TSN reports.

Andriushchenko said that Mariupol had already entered the first phase of the epidemic.

"Everything that gets into the water area of ​​the sea, everything that gets not only into the water area of ​​the sea, but all those sources where water comes from through the drainage, we understand that shallow graves give the appropriate results, rotting garbage on the streets - all this gets into water, into the sea, into sources of drinking water, and the risk of an epidemic is not just threatening, but it is already of such a level that, in principle, we record isolated cases, as far as we can record, allowing us to say that the epidemic has basically begun," Andriushchenko said.

He added information about the unplanned and unnatural in the summer in the absence of anomalous heat pestilence of fish.

“It is very difficult to record the causes of death, but we know for sure that the death rate has not decreased, but rather is growing. All this suggests that, in fact, Mariupol has already entered the first phase of the epidemic. And our sources partially confirm this, in fact, the city is being quarantined. Now this is an easier version of quarantine, more bureaucratic. But I think that they already understand there that the epidemic has begun," he said.

As for the epidemic, Andriushchenko added that it could be cholera, a banal dysentery epidemic, as well as any viral epidemic associated with the stomach.

“That is, as a result of unsanitary conditions, this can occur. But the worst thing is that even such a seemingly banal thing as dysentery in the current conditions of a non-functioning medical system, lack of medicines, lack of laboratories, lack of everything we are used to, lack of vaccines in Mariupol, even such a thing as an epidemic of dysentery can lead to tens of thousands of deaths. Even cholera should not be expected here. And if cholera, then in general the consequences are very difficult to calculate," Andriushchenko said.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, the invaders are trying to resume the work of the Mariupol seaport.

Later it turned out that the Russians began to export grain from the territory of the Mariupol seaport. And satellite images showed that in addition to grain, metal was loaded onto ships. The ships moved to the coast, where they usually ship products. These were ships under the flags of other countries, but it is not known what kind of crew was on them.