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Germany Agrees With U.S. On Procurement Of Liquefied Gas

Germany Agrees With U.S. On Procurement Of Liquefied Gas

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Sempra Energy (the United States) has announced that it will sell about 2.25 million tons of liquefied natural gas per year (LNG) to the largest German electricity producer RWE AG, which is trying to abandon natural gas from the Russian Federation. The American company has announced this, European Pravda reports.

"RWE Supply & Trading and Sempra Infrastructure have signed a major liquefied natural gas supply agreement for RWE's European utility portfolio for the Port Arthur LNG project in Texas, U.S. The conditions provide for negotiations and the completion of the final 15-year contract for the supply and procurement of approximately 2.25 million tons of LNG per year," the company said.

The volumes will be delivered by RWE anywhere in the world - as an example to the planned LNG import capacity in Germany.

"As RWE we are thrilled to join forces with Sempra Infrastructure, one of the leading LNG infrastructure companies in the U.S. This partnership will help diversify the RWE and German gas supply portfolio and thus improve supply security in Europe on a long-term basis," said RWE Supply & Trading CEO.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Gazprom does not use paid and booked capacity for natural gas transit.

Ukraine also plans to reduce natural gas consumption to the level of its own production.

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