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German Government Blocking Arms Supplies To Ukraine - Media

German Government Blocking Arms Supplies To Ukraine - Media

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The Federal Government, headed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, has been blocking exports of up to 100 Marder infantry fighting vehicles manufactured by Rheinmetall to Ukraine for more than a month. This is stated in the message of the Bild edition on Monday, May 23.

"The fake game of the Scholz government about the alleged impossibility of supplying Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine is entering a new round," the edition points out.

An internal Ministry of Defence letter seen by Bild said the first of 100 usable infantry fighting vehicles could have been repaired within six weeks.

This means that if the Federal Government had already approved the declaration of intent made by Rheinmetall and the Ukrainian government in March, the first vehicles could have been in Ukraine for several weeks and helped defend themselves against the Russian army: "Since April 22, the company's application has finally been submitted to the Federal Security Council (BSR). But the Federal Government is blocking it. Even a month later, it never gave the group permission to export the first infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine," writes Bild.

"We could support Ukraine much more effectively in its struggle for land and life for a long time. The Federal Government is constantly slowing down," the publication quotes the words of  the Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern (CSU) defense expert Florian Hahn.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on May 20, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced that Ukraine would receive the first 15 Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns from Germany in July.

On April 22, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany cannot transfer the heavy weapons of the Bundeswehr, which Ukraine asks for, since there is a threat of Russian aggression against NATO.

Ukraine's ambassador to Germany Andrii Melnyk believes Chancellor Olaf Scholz may not want to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine despite the government's decision.