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Ukraine Enters Final, Bloodier Phase Of War – Podoliak

Ukraine Enters Final, Bloodier Phase Of War – Podoliak

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Ukraine is entering the final stage of the war, which will focus on the complete liberation of the country from Russian occupiers.

Adviser to the Head of the Presidential Office Mykhailo Podoliak said this on the air of the telethon on Saturday, May 21.

Podoliak said that Russian troops go into positional warfare when they want to hold on to already captured territories, abandoning their loud plans to occupy all of Ukraine.

"This is extremely unprofitable for Ukraine. Ukraine needs to unblock all our regions, including Donetsk and Luhansk. Ukraine needs to drive all these "strange guys" away. And for Ukraine, this stage of the war, which will be called a counteroffensive, will be tough enough for us, the phase of liberating our territories need to be lived," the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office emphasized.

Podoliak also said that this phase could be delayed, because Ukraine values ​​its people and will try to protect everyone, unlike the Russian command, but the stage of liberation of the country will still be bloody.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, on May 20, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhii Haidai, said that the Russian occupying forces could not achieve success in the Luhansk region and were terrified of the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which could begin as early as June.

Since the beginning of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, 23 settlements have been liberated from the invaders.

At the same time, the loss of personnel of the Russian troops on May 20 increased by 150 to 28,850 killed, and the Ukrainian military also destroyed 15 tanks, 1 helicopter and 2 drones over the past day.


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