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Italy, Germany Allow To Open Ruble Accounts To Buy Gas From Russia – Media

Italy, Germany Allow To Open Ruble Accounts To Buy Gas From Russia – Media

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Germany and Italy have allowed companies to open ruble accounts to buy Russian gas.

This is reported by Reuters, citing sources, Yevropeiska Pravda online media reports.

For example, sources say Germany and Italy have told companies they can open ruble accounts to continue buying Russian gas without violating sanctions against Russia after talks with the European Union.

The two sources also said German gas importers had been notified by Berlin that they could open ruble accounts to pay for Russian gas without violating sanctions.

It is noted that Germany, which is the largest importer of Russian gas in the region, acted on this issue in close coordination with the EU.

The Italian government also spoke to the European Commission and received clarifications on how to legally buy Russian gas.

It is noted that this happened before the Italian energy company Eni said on Tuesday that it had begun the procedure for opening two accounts: one in euros and one in rubles.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, an Austrian company opened a ruble account in Russia to pay for Russian gas supplies.

The Finnish company Gasum reported that Russia is stopping gas supplies to Finland due to disagreement with the requirement to pay for gas in rubles.

On April 27, the Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom announced a complete cessation of gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, which refused to pay for deliveries in rubles.

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