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Ukraine Will Fight Till It Evicts Russian Troops From All Its Territory - Budanov

Ukraine Will Fight Till It Evicts Russian Troops From All Its Territory - Budanov

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The Head of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Kyrylo Budanov has said that Ukraine will fight until it evicts Russian troops from all of its territory, including Crimea and the rest of the lands occupied by Moscow since 2014. Budanov spoke about this in an exclusive interview for The Wall Street Journal on Friday, May 20.

Budanov stated that he did not know any other borders of Ukraine, except for the borders of 1991, and no one could force Ukraine to freeze the conflict, since this is a war of all Ukrainians. Despite some successes in the advance of Russian troops, the entire territory of the country will be liberated from the invaders, the Head of Intelligence said.

“Somewhere they will succeed and somewhere they will fail, but it doesn’t matter at all because Russia will lose in the end and Ukraine will recover all its temporarily lost territories. It will do so by force, exclusively by force, because no other way exists,” Budanov stressed.

The Head of Intelligence also pointed out that the war has already become a strategic defeat for Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, since he cannot stop the war and cannot win it. Budanov said that Russia cannot win for objective reasons, and in order to stop the war, Putin must admit that Russia is not at all the strong and great state that he wanted to portray.

According to the Head of Intelligence, Putin will face a threat from within Russia as soon as his inability to conquer Ukraine becomes obvious: “If they finally realize that the czar is not as great and mighty as he pretends to be, it’s a step toward the destruction of the statehood of today’s Russia,” Budanov said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on May 13, Budanov said that the war with Russia is going so well that by mid-August it will reach a turning point and end by the end of the year.

On May 13, Budanov said that the Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea is a strategically important point, because Ukraine will fight for it.

On May 12, the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense announced that Russia could not fully restore the combat capability of the military units withdrawn from Ukraine, since due to sanctions in the country there is a tangible decline in the military-industrial complex.