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MPs Offer Rada Free Businessmen And Volunteers From Mobilization

MPs Offer Rada Free Businessmen And Volunteers From Mobilization

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Members of the Verkhovna Rada have suggested that the parliament exempt from conscription during the mobilization businessmen and volunteers who are officially engaged in their activities.

This is stated in Bill No. 7381 "On Amending Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Optimizing Actions in Wartime to Strengthen the Economy and Defense Capabilities of the State," Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The bill provides that the following categories are not subject to conscription during mobilization: those recognized in accordance with the conclusion of the military medical commission as temporarily unsuitable for military service for health reasons for up to six months (with the subsequent passage of the military medical commission), or without limitation of the term, if the existing diseases are incurable or require, according to the conclusions of specialized doctors, treatment longer than six months.

Also, according to the bill, the MPs propose to exempt from conscription during the mobilization employees of defense, agro-industrial enterprises officially working at other enterprises, or those who officially carry out entrepreneurial activities, or are officially engaged in volunteer activities in order to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and/or injured as a result of military aggression.

It is also proposed to exempt from mobilization persons who carry out the transportation of humanitarian aid, including to/through the areas in which hostilities occur, or in which the authorities have established a humanitarian catastrophe, or to/through the temporarily occupied territories.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy proposes to the Verkhovna Rada to extend the general mobilization from May 25 by 90 days, that is, until August 22.

Verkhovna Rada members Heorhii Mazurashu, Mariana Bezuhla and Oleksandr Fediienko (all - the Servant of the People faction) have suggested that the parliament introduce the possibility of depriving of Ukrainian citizenship those who refused to mobilize, as well as those who left for Russia or another country during martial law and did not return within 30 days without good reason.