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Russia Stopping Natural Gas Supplies To Finland From Tomorrow

Russia Stopping Natural Gas Supplies To Finland From Tomorrow

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Starting tomorrow, Russia will stop supplying natural gas to Finland. This is due to the refusal of the Finnish state gas supplier Gasum to pay for it in rubles, as Russia wants.

This is reported by the British edition of SkyNews, citing a statement by Gasum.

"Unfortunately, the supply of natural gas under our supply contract will now be terminated," Gasum quoted company director Mika Wiljanen as saying.

He stressed that the company was ready for such a development of events. If there are no failures in the operation of the gas transmission system, Gasum will be able to provide gas supplies to customers in the coming months.

It is noted that most of the natural gas used in Finland is imported from Russia. At the same time, gas accounts for only 5% of the country's annual energy consumption.

Earlier we reported that the Finnish company Gasum intends to sue Russia's Gazprom Export for demanding that gas supplies be paid in rubles.

Recall that as of May 12, more than 20 European energy companies opened ruble accounts to pay for Russian gas supplies.