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Invaders Destroy Books On Ukrainian History In Melitopol

Invaders Destroy Books On Ukrainian History In Melitopol

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In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region, the Russians, together with collaborators, are holding events of the Nazi army. In particular, they destroy Ukrainian books.

This is reported by the Defense Forces of Zaporizhzhia region.

"The occupiers are seizing Ukrainian books from libraries. In particular, textbooks on the history of Ukraine have been declared forbidden literature, which, in their sick opinion, promote the ideas of nationalism. Instead, they plan to bring textbooks of Kremlin pseudo-historians-propagandists," the statement says.

Recall that earlier the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Tkachenko said that the Scythian gold from the Melitopol Local Lore Museum was most likely stolen by Russian invaders.

In addition, people from Luhansk and Crimea were brought to Melitopol to celebrate May 9. In general, 3,000 people arrived in Melitopol. The column itself was cordoned off by armed invaders with machine guns, who also watched that "strangers" did not penetrate the column.

Meanwhile, the invaders are planning to annex Kherson region to Crimea.