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Azov Regiment Founder Appeals To Ukrainians Regarding Azovstal Evacuation

Azov Regiment Founder Appeals To Ukrainians Regarding Azovstal Evacuation

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The founder of the Azov Regiment and the head of the National Corps party, Andrii Biletskyi, has urged not to comment on the evacuation of seriously wounded defenders of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, so as not to harm the rescue operation.

He said this in a video message that he published on his Telegram channel.

"For 82 days, the guys fought in incredible conditions. For more than 70 days they restrained the enemy in full encirclement with a huge numerical superiority of the enemy... They did things that will certainly be included, should be included in textbooks on military history," Biletskyi said.

According to him, now it is necessary to make every effort not to harm the operation to evacuate the Ukrainian military from Azovstal.

"I have a big request to everyone who wants to share their thoughts about what is happening at Azovstal, or to those who have some kind of "secrets," "insights" and want to share these "insights" with the whole world - leave them with you, as well as your own thoughts," he stressed.

He expressed confidence that in a few days the Azov fighters themselves will make it clear how everything happened.

We will remind, on Monday, May 16, the commander of the Azov Regiment Denys Prokopenko recorded an appeal in which he stated that the Ukrainian military in Mariupol began to comply with the command's order to preserve the lives of the soldiers.

Later, Reuters journalists in Mariupol photographed a convoy of buses containing the Ukrainian military. Buses left towards the occupied territory.

After that, the speaker of the Ministry of Defense Hanna Maliar said that the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Azovstal were evacuated to uncontrolled Novoazovsk and Olenivka. She also reported on the preparation of an exchange of prisoners.

We also wrote that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on the operation to save the Ukrainian military from Azovstal.