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Missiles Hit Bridge Over Dniester Estuary Again, Bridge Destroyed

Missiles Hit Bridge Over Dniester Estuary Again, Bridge Destroyed

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The Russian invaders have twice fired cruise missiles on the bridge over the Dniester estuary in Zatoka, Odesa region. The speaker of the South operational command Vladyslav Nazarov announced this on Facebook.

According to Nazarov, the bridge was so damaged that repair work will take a long time and cost.

"But now they it is impossible to carry out, just like the operation of the bridge," he said.

Russia does not abandon attempts to destroy the bridge over the Dniester estuary, uniting the southern part of the region with the larger territory of Odesa region. The Russians had destroyed the bridge even before the shelling, it had not worked for more than two weeks.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, employees of the State Bureau of Investigation detained 12 saboteurs who were preparing provocations in Odesa on May 2.

On April 30, the Russian occupation forces launched several missile attacks on Odesa, as a result of which the airport runway was completely disabled.