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Zelenskyy States That Investors Actively Withdrawing Money From Ukraine After Start Of Forcing Panic In Media

Zelenskyy States That Investors Actively Withdrawing Money From Ukraine After Start Of Forcing Panic In Media About Possible Full-Scale Invasion Of Russia

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy states that investors are actively withdrawing money from Ukraine after the start of forcing panic in the media about a possible full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He said this at a press conference on Friday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We need the unity of our people, the people must be confident in their army, in their President, they must trust their government and their special services. We are grateful for any support, but different information from different sources cannot confuse our state, because an economic panic is starting. Let me give you an example of how much it costs us. We have a record GDP last year... We had about 6.5 billion new investments in 2021 in a short time. But after the start (dissemination in the media of information about the possible start of a full-scale invasion of Russia), let's say, of another information space, 12.5 billion money withdrawn from Ukraine," the head of state said.

According to Zelenskyy, due to the sometimes unbalanced information policy, the state is forced to stabilize the national currency from state reserves.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, prior to this, CNN, following a telephone conversation between Zelenskyy and U.S. President Joe Biden, citing a high-ranking Ukrainian official, reported that the conversation between the leaders of the countries "did not go well."

The publication noted that, according to Biden, "Russia will attack in February as soon as the ground freezes," "will occupy Kyiv."

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, during an hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada, said that media reports about the tension of the conversation between Zelenskyy and Biden were not true.

Zelenskyy's press secretary Serhii Nykyforov also noted on Facebook that the messages on social networks "completely do not correspond to reality, and the correct information is contained only in official releases from the Ukrainian and American sides."

Also, the press secretary of the White House National Security Council, Emily Horne, said about the CNN publication on Twitter that this was not true.