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SBI Considers Simultaneous Interrogation Of Poroshenko And Medvedchuk Possible

SBI Considers Simultaneous Interrogation Of Poroshenko And Medvedchuk Possible

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The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) does not exclude that there will be a simultaneous interrogation of former President Petro Poroshenko and Verkhovna Rada Member Viktor Medvedchuk (Opposition Platform - For Life).

Tetiana Sapian, Communications Adviser of the State Bureau of Investigation, told journalists about this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to her, the concept of "cross-examination" does not exist in the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

She noted that we could talk about simultaneous interrogation.

Sapian added that it is necessary to first interrogate Poroshenko, who was summoned for January 31, and if there are disagreements in the testimony of the ex-President and Medvedchuk, then such a simultaneous interrogation is possible.

"I would say that such an interrogation is not excluded," the SBI Communications Adviser summed up.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the SBI summons Poroshenko for questioning on January 31.

The SBI denied plans to cross-examine Poroshenko and Medvedchuk on January 25.

The SBI stated that Poroshenko arrived on a call to the bureau, but left the premises after 7 minutes, without waiting for the investigator.