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United States And Russia Will Be Discussing Initiatives On NATO Only In Within De-Escalation Circumstances – W

United States And Russia Will Be Discussing Initiatives On NATO Only In Within De-Escalation Circumstances – White House

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In the course of our phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of the United States, Joe Biden, said that the United States will discuss Russia’s initiatives on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) only within the de-escalation process.

This follows from a statement posted on the official website of the White House, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

President Biden confirmed that considerable progress in these dialogues may take only within the circumstance of de-escalation, not an escalation," the statement says.

According to the report, President Biden called on Russia to lower the existing tensions in relations with Ukraine.

The American leader also informed Putin that the United States, their allies and partners will respond decisively in case Russia continues invasion of Ukraine.

Besides, President Biden expressed his support to diplomatic way of the negotiations.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the course of a phone conversation On December 30, President of the United States Joe Biden assured Russian President Vladimir Putin of lack of any the United States’ intention to deploy offensive weapons in Ukraine.

The parties also confirmed that the negotiations on the guarantees offered by Russia will take place in Geneva January 9-10, and later in the frames of the Russian-NATO council in Brussels on January 12.

Besides, on January 13, the discussion will start within the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The Presidents of the two countries agreed to personally control the course of the discussions, particularly in a bilateral format, in order to reach concrete results as soon as possible.

The Kremlin notes are that on the whole, the negotiation was open and was useful to all the parties.

The parties agreed on further regular contacts at the top level.

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