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Putin Said That Lenin Created Ukraine

Putin Said That Lenin Created Ukraine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the first leader of the USSR, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, created Ukraine.

He stated this at a press conference on Thursday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We try not to remember how Ukraine was formed. Who created it? Vladimir Ilyich Lenin! When he created the Soviet Union," he said.

At the same time, commenting on the issue of relations between Ukraine and Russia, the establishment of borders and the expansion of NATO, Putin said "God be with it, with history" and stressed that the further movement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) eastward for the Russian Federation is unacceptable, since this entails the establishment of the alliance's armaments near the Russian borders.

“Not a single inch to the east, they told us in the 90s, so what? Cheated. They just cheated insolently. (There were) 5 waves of NATO enlargement! ... This is what we are talking about ... They came to us and said: "No, now Ukraine will join NATO" ... Or they will be on a bilateral basis ... And you demand from me what-that guarantees. You must give us guarantees, you (the West)!" said the Russian President.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Putin noted the positive reaction of the United States of America (USA) to the Russian proposals on security guarantees, and negotiations on this issue will begin in Geneva (Switzerland) in early 2022.