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Tradeenergoresurs Starts Import Electricity From Belarus Instead Of Tet Group

Tradeenergoresurs Starts Import Electricity From Belarus Instead Of Tet Group

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The Tradeenergoresurs LLC (Kyiv) won daily auctions for access to interstate sections of electricity for its import from Belarus, whereas earlier they were won by the Tet Group company (Kyiv).

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the information about the auctions on the website of the Ukrenergo National Energy Company.

According to the results of the auctions, as of December 17, the Tradeenergoresurs company received access to the sections for the first time in December (690 MW per hour), while on December 15, the Tet Group company won daily auctions (it also won the auction to gain access to cross-sections as a whole for December).

Also on December 16-17, access to the section was also bought by the Electro Community company (Kyiv), but in smaller volumes - 120 and 150 MW, respectively.

At the same time, Electro Community was previously engaged in the import of electricity.

According to the state register of legal entities, the Tet Group company belongs to Vitalii Butenko, the former director of DTEK Trading.

Tradeenergoresurs is owned by Tarjam Matar Mohamed through Vector Energy (Dubai, UAE).

A man of the same name owns the Industrial Innovation Group, the successor to EDAPS, a former passport and letterhead monopolist.

According to media reports, this company was promoted in Ukraine by the head of the Servant of the People faction David Arakhamia.

At the same time, earlier the media published an agreement, from which it follows that Tet Group imported electricity from Belarus not directly, but through the mediation of Vector Energy.

Electro Community belongs to Yurii Memotov, but the media associate the company with the former head of Ukrenergo Yurii Kovalchuk.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Tet Group began importing electricity from Belarus in early November.

Andrii Herus, Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities Services, advocated the revocation of Tet Group's license due to violations of legislation in electricity trade.