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Synevo Claims Tax Service Unreasonably Charged Liabilities For UAH 1.1 Billion

Synevo Claims Tax Service Unreasonably Charged Liabilities For UAH 1.1 Billion

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Synevo, a major network of laboratories in Ukraine, has declared that the State Tax Service has unreasonably charged tax liabilities for UAH 1.085 billion.

Synevo has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In September-November 2021, the Central Interregional Department of the State Tax Service for work with large taxpayers carried out a scheduled tax audit at the Synevo company. According to the results of the Synevo audit, additional taxes in the amount of UAH 1,085 were unreasonably charged," it was said.

According to the report, the Tax Service accuses Synevo of allegedly failing to provide the necessary documents for verification, confirming the company's expenses.

It is noted that, for its part, the Synevo company is surprised by this decision of the Tax Service and categorically disagrees with it.

“We officially declare that all the documents requested for verification were provided to the tax authority, and the facts of the transfer of these documents were documented. Therefore, the amount of accrued tax liabilities of UAH 1.1 billion, which is almost 50% of the company's annual turnover, is absolutely unfounded and unjustified. We will definitely appeal the results of the check in the courts and other authorized bodies," the statement says.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Synevo is the largest chain of laboratories in Ukraine, which is part of the Swedish medical holding Medicover.

The Synevo chain includes more than 300 laboratory centers operating in 115 cities of Ukraine, as well as seven laboratories in which more than 1,500 types of tests are performed.

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