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Unique anti-drone cyber system ECLIPSE presented in Ukraine

Unique anti-drone cyber system ECLIPSE presented in Ukraine


A unique anti-drone cyber system ECLIPSE has been presented at the Olympic National Sports Complex (also known as NSC Olimpiiskyi) within the framework of the international project Safe IT Planet.

The system applies IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) technology, owing to which it attacks hostile drones only, i.e. the system intercepts hostile drones, conducts a cyber attack to gain full control over them, and lands them at a safe location.

Currently Ukraine owns only such counter-drone devices that block communication between a drone and its controller; as a consequence a drone falls, presenting a potential threat. Moreover, except for breaking a communication channel between a drone and a pilot, these devices affect mobile communications, telecommunications, medical equipment etc. The ECLIPSE anti-drone system does not cause any interferences and is suitable for the urban environment.

The ECLIPSE cyber system has been demonstrated to MPs and to the leadership of Ukrainian ministries and departments: the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Defense, the State Aviation Administration.

Oleh Bibik, the organizer of the international project Safe IT Planet, has pointed out that this project is aimed to involve Ukraine in cooperation with the leading innovative companies in the sphere of national cyber defense and security from Israel, the USA, England, Canada, Germany, and Estonia.

“It will help the state to create a favorable and secure investment environment for foreign companies and will enable Ukraine to expand in the international business and political arenas,” said the project organizer.

Oleh Bibik, the organizer of the international project Safe IT Planet

Edward Zeldin, a co-organizer of the Safe IT Planet project and a representative of the Convexum company, which developed the anti-drone cyber system ECLIPSE, has stated: “We work in Ukraine and officially represent a world renowned Israeli company Rafael, one of the world leaders in manufacturing high-tech weaponry and state cybersecurity. The company has established the national Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Israel, created a CERT for Israel Railways Ltd. and provides real-time cybersecurity. We also represent the interests of the Israeli company Plassan. It is beyond dispute that Israel is one of the world's technological leaders.”

Edward Zeldin, a co-organizer of the international project Safe IT Planet

The Safe IT Planet project has organized a series of meetings for Ukrainian delegations in Israel, has held a number of online conferences and presentations of advanced technologies in the field of cyber defense and security for the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection, the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the Ministry of Defense.

Oleh Bibik has expressed his gratitude to the Safe IT Planet team: “Thanks to our strong team and all the people who care about the fate of Ukraine, we are working steadily towards our goal. This joint presentation has been brilliantly organized in partnership with the Ukrainian company Innovative Technology Alliance.”

“It is not the first event we are holding in Ukraine. Therefore, the cooperation with the government leaders in this sector indicates a deep interest in our project at the state level. Ukraine has enormous potential and experienced professionals. We hope that thanks to cooperation with our foreign partners Ukraine will become a powerful player on the global stage in the field of IT and advanced technologies,” said the head of the company Tetiana Chernopolska.

The Innovative Technology Alliance will continue to facilitate direct negotiations between state institutions of Ukraine with major companies of Israel, the USA, Europe, and other world leaders in the field of cybersecurity, special communications and advanced technologies.

If you are interested in partnership, please contact us: [email protected].

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