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Business Asking Authorities To Clarify Mechanism For Implementing Ban On Free Distribution Of Plastic Bags Fro

Business Asking Authorities To Clarify Mechanism For Implementing Ban On Free Distribution Of Plastic Bags From December 10 - EBA

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Business asks the authorities to clarify the mechanism for implementing the ban on the free distribution of plastic bags from December 10.

The European Business Association (EBA) has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“This week, business was greatly concerned by the news spread in the media regarding a complete ban on the free distribution of any plastic bags starting from December 10 of this year. Business was surprised by this news, because when discussing the bill, it was a paid distribution basis only for plastic bags with a wall thickness of more than 50 microns. EBA supported and supports the need to improve the environmental situation in our country, including the gradual abandonment of the use of plastic bags. However, it is important to emphasize once again - precisely the gradual abandonment. After all, business does not understand how to sell such bags, at what cost and how to carry out accounting and reporting,” reads the statement.

The EBA notes that the introduction of such changes for thin and ultra-thin plastic bags from 10 December will lead to a number of difficulties.

"So, we are talking about the absence of an appropriate regulatory legal act on the establishment of minimum retail prices for such bags; the absence of a clear scheme for the sale of thin and ultra-thin plastic bags on a paid basis; the absence of a labeling mechanism that could allow accounting and control of the acquisition of such bags by consumers. Moreover, a social campaign is needed to implement such an initiative so that citizens understand the reasons for its implementation and the expected results/consequences. Moreover, given that the by-law regulatory framework for the implementation of the law has not yet been adopted, business cannot adapt to requirements that are not yet clearly regulated," the statement says.

In particular, it is noted that the requirements are declared on the basis of the law, but the mechanism for their implementation is not provided for by the bylaws.

Thus, the Ministry of Economy has developed a draft government decree "On the establishment of minimum retail prices for plastic bags", according to which the establishment of minimum retail prices is provided only for plastic bags with walls more than 50 micrometers thick (high density).

It is emphasized that despite the enactment of the law since December 10, this draft resolution has not yet been approved.

"Therefore, until the last moment, the business did not understand whether a norm would be introduced and whether there would be certain clarifications.

Accordingly, the element of incomprehensibility is unlikely to contribute to the planning of business processes. Besides, according to the law, from December 10, 2021 each biodegradable bag must be specially marked. The procedure for such marking is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, however, to date, the draft resolution is at the stage of public discussion and has not yet been approved by the Cabinet. The law also provides that a complete ban on the circulation of thin and ultra-thin bags will be established from March 9, 2022. Therefore, according to EBA, it is important to establish a longer transition period for the implementation of such an innovation and to write out a clear implementation mechanism so that the business understands which rules need to be followed,” the statement notes.

Besides, EBA member companies are concerned about the fact that the use of plastic bags applies only to organized stores and retail chains, but will not be monitored in the implementation of spontaneous trading in the markets.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources announced that Law No. 1489-IX "On Restricting the Circulation of Plastic Bags on the Territory of Ukraine" will come into force on December 10, and the first stage of restrictions will come into effect.

In particular, free distribution of plastic bags will be prohibited in shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, food outlets and the service sector, except for biodegradable bags, as well as ultra-thin plastic bags, which are the primary packaging for fresh fish, meat and products thereof, bulk products and ice.

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