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Ukraine Decides To Revise Anti-Dumping Duties On Import Of Kitchen Salt From Belarus

Ukraine Decides To Revise Anti-Dumping Duties On Import Of Kitchen Salt From Belarus

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The Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade (ICIT) made a decision to conduct an interim review of anti-dumping measures regarding the import of extra grade kitchen salt from Belarus.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement of the ICIT in the Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper.

According to the statement, the revision has begun at the request of the Slovianska Sil limited liability company.

Based on the results of the consideration, the commission found that the request contains sufficient information and evidence to violate the interim revision of anti-dumping measures on the import of extra grade kitchen salt origination from the Republic of Belarus into Ukraine.

In particular, according to the materials of the requirement, for the study period (second half of 2019 – first half of 2021): the volumes of dumped imports from the Republic of Belarus increased in absolute terms, as well as in terms of production and consumption; the prices of the dumped imports were below the applicant's price level; analysis of the dynamics of the main indicators of the applicant's financial and economic activities showed that a number of indicators worsened, namely: a decrease in production volumes, a decrease in the level of utilization of production facilities, a decrease in sales in the domestic market and a share in consumption, a deterioration in financial results, a decrease in profitability, a decrease labor productivity.

In connection with this, the commission made a decision of December 6, 2021, according to which it violated the interim revision of anti-dumping measures applied by the commission's decision of January 25, 2019.

An interim review of antidumping measures was entrusted to the Ministry of Economy.

According to the government portal, the results of investigations to establish facts of discriminatory and/or unfriendly actions on the part of the Republic of Belarus against manufacturers of nitrogen fertilizers and waterproofing and roofing materials were also considered during the meeting of the ICIT.

In this context, the members of the commission discussed other problematic issues of bilateral trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, in particular, in connection with the effect of special duties on the import of certain types of vehicles into Ukraine.

Besides, the commission considered the progress of the anti-dumping investigation on the import of coated carbon steel rolled products from China to Ukraine, and based on the results of the discussion, it was decided to extend it to 15 months.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in January 2019, the ICIT established anti-dumping duties of 11.85% on imports of kitchen salt and 17.73% on imports of incandescent light bulbs from the Republic of Belarus.