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Interior Ministry Foils Assassination Attempt On Leschenko

Interior Ministry Foils Assassination Attempt On Leschenko

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Officials from the Interior Affairs Ministry have foiled an assassination attempt on Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Roman Leschenko.

Interior Affairs Minister Denys Monastyrskyi announced this at a news briefing, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to Monastyrskyi, the National Police’s Department of Strategic Investigations received information in mid-November that a Ukrainian citizen was looking for a killer to kill another Ukrainian citizen.

“The customer was put in contact with another person that the National Police selected to play the role of a killer. All the communication between the customer and the killer was documented… as part of a covert investigative operation. It was established that there was another customer, a U.S. citizen. He is the main customer for this crime, he ordered the murder of another citizen who was a debt collector," Monastyrskyi said.

According to Monastyrskyi, the debt collector was supposed to collect a debt from a business partner of the U.S. citizen, with whom he collaborated in 2018.

For recovering the debt, he received USD 150,000, which he did not return to the U.S. citizen.

Therefore, he decided to order the murder of the debt collector.

Law enforcement officials pretended to abduct the man and took him to a house near Kyiv.

The customers went to the house to verify.

Law enforcement officials then pretended to murder and bury the man.

A video of his simulated burial was sent to the customers.

“They were convinced that the killer was fulfilling their order and placed another order. He was a person with whom they worked, they tried to take seize property and collect imaginary debts... This citizen was Roman Leschenko, the minister of agrarian policy and food. The case is directly related to his activities in 2018, before he became a public official," Monastyrskyi said.

According to him, the customers and the officer posing as a killer met in a restaurant in the evening on November 17 to discuss the assassination attempt, and a deposit of USD 20,000 was paid.

The U.S. citizen was supposed to travel abroad and the assassination attempt was supposed to be made after his departure.

Law enforcement officers detained the U.S. citizen and reported this to the U.S. embassy.

The crime carries a maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, unknown persons recently attempted to murder President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s senior aide Serhii Shefir.