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Rada Allows Border Guards To Use Firearms To Cease Armed Conflicts At State Border

Rada Allows Border Guards To Use Firearms To Cease Armed Conflicts At State Border

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The Verkhovna Rada allowed border guards to use firearms to cease armed conflicts and other provocations on the state border of Ukraine.

A total of 271 MPs voted for the adoption of bill No. 5232 as a whole, with the minimum required 226, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The amendments are aimed at improving the procedure for the use and application of coercive measures, regulating the procedure for carrying out superficial checks by the personnel of the State Border Guard Service when performing tasks to protect the state border and sovereign rights of Ukraine in its adjacent zone and the exclusive (maritime) economic zone, during measures to ensure national security and defense, repulse and containment of armed aggression against Ukraine.

The bill gives border guards the following powers:

- carry out a superficial check of persons, things, goods (cargo) and vehicles;

- use and apply coercive measures (physical pressure, special equipment, firearms, weapons and military equipment, weapons of vessels, boats and supply vessels, aircraft armament);
- use and apply equipment of visual and technical observation and fixation, technical equipment of border control, lighting and signaling means, other technical equipment of protecting the state border, as well as engineering ammunition, structures and barriers;
- unblock and cease illegal actions when blocking checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine, checkpoints of entry-exit, military camps, units and governing bodies of the State Border Guard Service.
This law clearly defines the procedure for using coercive measures, conditions, boundaries, type and intensity of their application, taking into account the specific situation, the nature of the offense and the individual characteristics of the person who committed or is committing an offense.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in August, the State Border Guard Service blocked a transnational channel for the smuggling of medicines with signs of counterfeiting.