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Avakov Does Not Want To Work As MP

Avakov Does Not Want To Work As MP

Avakov, Arsen Avakov, MP, former Interior Minister

Avakov does not want to take part in the parliamentary election and work as an MP.

He said this in an interview for the Ukrainska Pravda online media, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"You know, the parliamentary election is to take place in two years. We will see how my ideas, which I have now drawn for myself, will be implemented. But in general, I am not very interested in being at the parliament, at the desk to generate legislative acts. And I do not want to deceive anyone. We must quietly tell the public the truth. Perhaps I don’t need to go to the parliament, even if I have a high rating or a low rating. Perhaps for some politicians, a different role is important. That's all. Therefore, I have no desire to go there and work under the dome," Avakov said.

Avakov also said that he was not interested in the post of either the prime minister or the president.

"Until I, God forbid, roll up my sleeves and work out in a field unusual for society: how - you don't want anywhere? What - you don't want to be either the prime minister or the President? I don't want to," the ex-minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted.

He noted that he has now gone into business.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Avakov does not believe in the second term of Zelenskyy's presidency.

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