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2 Ukreximbank Employees Who Attacked Schemes Journalists Reinstated

2 Ukreximbank Employees Who Attacked Schemes Journalists Reinstated

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Two employees of the Ukrainian Export-Import Bank (Ukreximbank) who attacked the Schemes investigative journalism program’s journalists during an interview with the bank’s Board Chairman Yevhen Metsger have been reinstated.

A source at the bank disclosed this to the Ukrainian News Agency.

According to the source, Ihor Telbizov, the director of the bank’s banking security department, and Oleh Osypov, the head of its internal security department, have been reinstated.

Both Telbizov and Osypov are suspects in the criminal proceedings that were launched at the request of the journalists.

The order to reinstate Telbizov and Osypov is dated November 9.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, the prosecutor's office has completed a pre-trial investigation into the attack on the Schemes program’s journalists at Ukreximbank and sent the indictment against four people to court.

The Schemes journalists were attacked during an interview with Ukreximbank’s Board Chairman Yevhen Metsger.

The bank’s employees used physical force against the Schemes program’s camera operator, seized two cameras and the equipment on which they were recording, and deleted the video they recorded.
Ukreximbank accused the journalists of taking possession of banking secrets.
The bank's supervisory board later suspended Metsger, its information policy department’s Director Volodymyr Pikalov, and Telbizov without pay.
Metsger announced on October 11 that he had submitted his letter of resignation.

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