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SBI Notifies MP Leros Of Suspicion Of Hooliganism For Improper Gesture Shown To Zelenskyy At Rada

SBI Notifies MP Leros Of Suspicion Of Hooliganism For Improper Gesture Shown To Zelenskyy At Rada

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The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has notified non-affiliated member of the Ukrainian Parliament Geo Leros of suspicion of hooliganism for improper gesture shown to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the Ukrainian Parliament.

Ukrainian News agency learned this from the SBI.

The move was made on November 11.

As part of the investigation of criminal proceedings, SBI investigators established that on November 4, Leros, speaking from the parliamentary rostrum, made an insulting statement against high-ranking officials of the state.

At the same time, he did not react to the remarks of the presiding officer, continued such actions even after the microphone was turned off by the decision of the presiding officer.

Realizing that the speech would not be recorded by the media, Leros showed an indecent gesture, demonstrating a disregard for generally accepted norms of morality and social environment.

“By these actions, the MP was seeking for creating his own media and political image, increasing his own media awareness, drawing the attention of the media, and the society as well as other politicians to his personality," the SBI said.

Leros is suspected of gross violation of public order on grounds of obvious disrespect for society (Section 1 of Article 296 of the Penal Code of Ukraine).

The pre-trial investigation is underway; the issue of choosing a preventive measure is being taken.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the regulatory committee recommended that the Rada deprive Leros of the right to participate in five plenary sessions.

On November 4, Deputy Leros showed Zelenskyy an insulting gesture from the rostrum of the Rada.