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Schemes: Case Upon Assault On Journalists By Ukreximbank’s Top Managers File To Court Less Crucial Proof

Schemes: Case Upon Assault On Journalists By Ukreximbank’s Top Managers File To Court Less Crucial Proof

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The editorial office of the Schemes journalist investigation TV show states that the prosecutor's office has filed the case upon the assault on journalists of the TV show by the top managers of Kyiv-based Ukrainian Export-Import Bank (Ukreximbank) to court without crucial evidence.

Schemes TV show presenter Nataliya Sedletska has written this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The prosecutor's office has completed an investigation into the assault on Schemes journalists in Ukreximbank. In fact, it was a lightning-fast investigation, it took less than a month. The materials have been sent to court. There are explanations of the suspects and victims, and editorial tasks, and job descriptions on biographical characteristics. But there two pieces of evidence have never been attached to the materials of the case collected during the investigation. That was said by the Schemes lawyer Anatolii Popov. He says that this poses a real threat to further possibility to confirm the guilt of the accused," Sedletska wrote.

According to her, the original audio recording of the events that took place in the office of the ex-head of Ukreximbank Yevhen Metsger, made by the Schemes journalist using a telephone, and the original of the restored video recording of the incident, which contains the moment of the attack, were not attached to the indictment.

"The high-priority case of the attack at Ukreximbank was sent to court without the crucial evidence," Sedletska stressed.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the prosecutor's office has completed a pre-trial investigation into the attack on the journalists of the Schemes program, and the indictment against four persons has been sent to court.

Journalists of the Schemes program were attacked during an interview with Ukreximbank Chairman of the Board Yevhen Metsger.

The bank employees used physical force against the Schemes cameraman, took away two cameras, took away the SD cards on which the recording was carried out, and deleted the recorded video.

In turn, Ukreximbank accused the journalists of the Schemes TV show of taking over banking secrets.

Then the bank's supervisory board dismissed Metsger, director of the information policy department Volodymyr Pikalov and director of the banking security department Ihor Telbizov from office without saving their salaries.

On October 11, Metsger announced that he had written a letter of resignation.

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