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Justice Ministry Launches Register Of Pedophiles In Test Mode

Justice Ministry Launches Register Of Pedophiles In Test Mode

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The Ministry of Justice has launched a register of pedophiles in a test mode.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement of the Ministry of Justice with reference to Deputy Minister of Justice Olena Vysotska.

"Ukraine has launched and began to fill the register of pedophiles. While the register is in a test mode. As of today, this register already contains data on 171 persons who have been prosecuted and are serving a sentence for sexual crimes against minors," the statement reads.

The Ministry of Justice, together with the prosecutor's office and the court, fills the register, studying the personal files of those convicted of similar crimes, so that even after serving the sentence, information about them is stored in this database.

It is reported that the introduction of such a register is one of the elements of digitalization.

According to Vysotska, all European countries have chosen this path.

It is noted that when creating the register, the experience of other states was studied - the USA, Canada, most European countries, in particular Norway, where one of the best prison systems operates.

"The essence of this register is to protect, for example, educational institutions or medical institutions, or other people who work with groups of children's groups, from hiring such a person," the deputy minister said.

She added that the register has other assignments that relate to the entire law enforcement system.

All law enforcement officers will have access to such a register.

At the same time, there are now many regulatory obstacles to filling the register.

Vysotska noted that it is about, for example, that it is impossible to enter a person convicted under a certain article in such a register until there is a court order in respect of this person, which directly provides for the entry of data about such a person into the register.

"This is a certain protection of human rights. An absolutely civilized step. But it complicates the implementation of this project somewhat," the deputy minister added.

She said that, in general, the court usually has no reason not to make an appropriate decision if a person had a conviction under articles related to sexual freedom of minors.

“We are on the way to creating a register, and I think that soon the country will have a civilized, effective, working register that can be used,” Vysotska summed up.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on January 16, 2020, the law on the introduction of the register of pedophiles came into force.