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Work Of Catering Establishments, Hotels, Fitness Centers Without PCR Test Or Vaccination Certificate At Employ

Work Of Catering Establishments, Hotels, Fitness Centers Without PCR Test Or Vaccination Certificate At Employees And Visitors Will Be Prohibited, Transport Will Continue To Work When Kyiv Moves To "Red" Zone

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When Kyiv moves to the "red" zone, the work of catering establishments, hotels, fitness centers without a PCR test or a vaccination certificate from employees and visitors will be prohibited, transport will continue to work.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote about this on a Telegram channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Now Kyiv is in the "orange zone".

In the case of Kyiv's transition to the "red" zone, it will be prohibited to receive visitors in catering establishments, the activities of hospitality establishments will be terminated, and visits by families and strangers to social protection institutions are also prohibited.

Besides, the work of gyms and fitness centers is prohibited, but it is allowed for athletes of the national teams of Ukraine and their coaches to visit.

In addition, there will be a ban on all public events.

Access of visitors to the premises of the Center for the provision of administrative services, departments of labor and social protection of the population, departments of the pension fund is limited, except in exceptional cases.

At the same time, the work of all establishments and institutions is allowed, provided that visitors and employees have a negative PCR test (validity period of 72 hours) or a COVID certificate.

Besides, sports events are permitted without spectators.

Public transport continues to work as usual, provided that the carriage of the number of passengers is not more than provided for in the registration documents of the vehicle.

Klitschko also wrote that visiting educational institutions will be discontinued from October 23 to November 8 - the holidays for schoolchildren will continue from October 23 to 31.

He noted that an additional decision on distance learning or additional holidays will be made next week.

Kindergartens continue their work as usual, provided that all staff is 100% vaccinated.

Other educational institutions, all of whose employees have received a certificate of a complete course of vaccination against COVID-19, work.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Education and Science recommends introducing distance learning from October 25 to November 15 in higher educational institutions and vocational institutions.