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56% Of Teachers Completely Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

56% Of Teachers Completely Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

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56% of teachers are completely (with two doses) vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Minister of Education and Science Serhii Shkarlet wrote about this in his Telegram channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Today, according to updated statistics, 86% of workers in general secondary education have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 358,390 teachers have been fully (with two doses) vaccinated, which is 56% of their total," Shkarlet wrote.

Most of the vaccinated teachers are in Luhansk region - 79.4%, Kharkiv region - 70.9%, Cherkasy region - 70.9%, Poltava region - 69.4%, Zhytomyr region - 66.9% and Kyiv region - 67.7%.

The least of the vaccinated teachers are in Rivne region - 24.5%, Volyn region - 22%, Ivano-Frankivsk region - 20.8%, Odesa region - 20.1%, Lviv region - 19.4%.

In the "red" epidemiological zone, schools will be able to continue working if 100% of employees are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Health Minister Viktor Liashko said that if education workers do not have vaccinations against COVID-19 by November, they will be suspended from work for a period of quarantine without pay.

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