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SSU Serves MP Medvedchuk With Suspicion Of High Treason Due To Supply Of Coal From Occupied Districts Of Donet

SSU Serves MP Medvedchuk With Suspicion Of High Treason Due To Supply Of Coal From Occupied Districts Of Donetsk And Luhansk Region For Ukrainian State Enterprises

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) served the Member of Parliament Viktor Medvedchuk (the Opposition Platform - For Life faction) with suspicion of high treason due to the supply of coal from the occupied districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to Ukrainian state enterprises.

The SSU press service has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Based on the materials of the Security Service of Ukraine, a new suspicion has been served to MP Viktor Medvedchuk - about high treason (Article 111 of the Criminal Code) and assistance to the activities of a terrorist organization (Article 258-3, Part 1 of the Criminal Code)," reads the statement with reference to the words of the Chairperson of the SSU Ivan Bakanov.

According to the investigation, it is about actions aimed at undermining the energy independence of Ukraine.

In particular, after Russia seized part of Donbas, Ukraine found itself on the verge of an energy crisis.

“Therefore, it was decided to buy coal on the world market, in particular, in RSA. However, Russia had plans to disrupt the implementation of these contracts and not allow Ukraine to increase its own energy independence. Therefore, with the mediation of Medvedchuk, a conspiracy took place with the top officials of Ukraine, who, using the powers of the National Bank and law enforcement agencies, created artificial obstacles to the supply of coal from RSA," the statement added.

It was noted that at the long last the contracts were disrupted, which provoked a wave of rolling blackouts in the country.

It was added that later, with the assistance of Medvedchuk, in order to return Ukraine to the orbit of Russian influence, illegal schemes were organized to supply coal from the temporarily occupied territories to state enterprises of Ukraine.

“This is a matter of high treason. And how certain Ukrainian politicians and officials at the height of the war played on the side of Russia, neglected the interests of Ukraine and built joint “schemes” with terrorists. My clear conviction is that these people should be punished deservedly and legally for that harm that they inflicted on the state. Because their actions are undermining the energy independence of Ukraine," Bakanov said at a briefing.

The SSU Chairperson and the Prosecutor General released a number of audio recordings that confirm the existence of the "coal scheme" and the interest of the Russian authorities in it.

The expert examination confirmed that one of the persons involved in the recordings is Medvedchuk, who, in particular, communicates with representatives of the Russian authorities regarding the implementation of illegal schemes.

During these conversations, the MP announces that he has guarantees from the highest officials of Ukraine.

In particular, with the mediation of a businessman close to Medvedchuk, Serhii Kuziara, two actually not working coal enterprises were selected in the occupied territory.

Representatives of LPR/DPR have been appointed as their heads, bank accounts have been opened for them, and contracts for the supply of coal have been concluded with them.

"The investigation has a serious body of evidence confirming the illegal activities of the defendants. We know about the transfer of cash to LPR/DPR and the transfer of funds to enterprises from the occupied territories. Moreover, we see that the plans discussed by the defendants (change of heads of enterprises, opening of bank outlets etc.), were subsequently implemented," Bakanov emphasized.

He noted that the investigation continues, the issue of serving suspicion to other persons is being worked out.

The SSU is continuing this investigation in cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office and the SBI.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in May, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova signed a suspicion of high treason and attempted plunder of national resources in Crimea to Medvedchuk and MP Kozak (Opposition Platform - For LIfe).

The court sent Medvedchuk under round-the-clock house arrest.

The SSU put Kozak on the wanted list, and the court gave permission for his detention.

The Prosecutor General's Office intends to obtain an international search for Kozak.

On August 20, the Prosecutor General's Office completed a pre-trial investigation against Medvedchuk and Kozak on suspicion of high treason.