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International Reserves Down 9.2% To USD 28.7 Billion In September

International Reserves Down 9.2% To USD 28.7 Billion In September

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In September, the international reserves decreased by 9.2% to USD 28.7 billion.

The central bank has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

As at October 1, 2021, Ukraine’s international reserves, according to preliminary data, made USD 28,705 billion.

In September, they fell by 9.2% taking into consideration the peak payments on external obligations of the state.

In general, in September, the dynamics of the reserves were defined by the following factors: transactions related to state debt management; re-evaluation of the financial instrument; and NBU's transactions on the interbank foreign currency market.

The overall Government’s payments to service and redeem the state debt denominated in foreign currency made USD 2,557 million.

In particular, the state allocated USD 2,521.1 million to service and redeem government foreign loan bonds; and USD 21.1 million – government domestic loan bonds.

Foreign currency receipts in favor of the Government from the placement of government domestic loan bonds made USD 216.9 million.

The re-evaluation of the financial instruments fell by USD 202 million last month.

In September, foreign currency supply on the interbank foreign currency market mainly exceeded the demand.

That allowed the National Bank of Ukraine to buy out a total of USD 146.6 million to the reserves.

At the same time, on one of the days, the demand exceeded the supply, therefore, the central bank sold USD 7 million to smoothen the devaluation fluctuations.

On the whole, in September 2021, the net foreign currency buy by the NBU on the interbank foreign currency market made USD 139.6 million.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2020, Ukraine’s international reserves rose by 15% and made USD 29.1 billion as at January 1, 2021.

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