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Suspended Ukreximbank’s Board Chairperson Metsger To Apologize To Schemes Journalists, Bank Cancels Press Conf

Suspended Ukreximbank’s Board Chairperson Metsger To Apologize To Schemes Journalists, Bank Cancels Press Conference

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Yevhen Metsger, who had previously been suspended as the board chairperson of the Kyiv-based Ukrainian Export-Import Bank (Ukreximbank), intends to apologize to Schemes TV show journalists, the bank has canceled a press conference scheduled for 1 p.m.

Bank’s supervisory board member Viktoriya Strakhova has written this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the supervisory board of the Kyiv-based Ukrainian Export-Import Bank (Ukreximbank) has removed Yevhen Metsger from the board chairperson’s position and appointed Serhii Yermakov as the acting board chairperson.

At its extraordinary meeting, the supervisory board of Ukreximbank decided to remove Metsger as the board chairperson of the financial institution for a period of an internal investigation by the supervisory board.

According to the report, following the results of the investigation a final decision of the supervisory board as for the authorities of Yevhen Metsger will be taken.

Between December 2017 and October 2019, Yermakov worked as a deputy board chairperson at TAScombank.

On April 1, 2020, he was appointed as a board member of Ukreximbank.

In 2019, board chairperson of the Kyiv-based Ukrainian Export-Import Bank (Ukreximbank) Yevhen Metsger and his spouse Yuliya Metsger bought two apartments in Turkey for UAH 3 million; and in 2020, they bought an apartment in Kyiv for UAH 4.7 million, and an apartment in Spain for UAH 3.6 million.

It is worth mentioning that the family jointly owns a lot of property.

They bought two more apartments in 2018, and one – in 2009.

The Metsgers have two land plots in Kyiv region and a detached house in Makariv district.

In Spain, the family also owns a parking lot worth UAH 305,000 and a storeroom worth UAH 58,000.

Yevhen and Yuliya also have a Range Rover (acquired in 2020), and an Audi A5 (2018).

Board chairperson of the Kyiv-based Ukrainian Export-Import Bank (Ukreximbank) Yevhen Metsger has received UAH 4.7 million in salary from Ukreximbank for not full 2020, and UAH 12 million from Ukrgasbank in 2020.

Yevhen Metsger’s declaration is not available in the system of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), however, his wife Yuliya has submitted her declaration.

According to the report, in 2020, working on the position of PrivatBank supervisory board member she earned almost UAH 3.9 million, i.e over UAH 300,000 monthly.

Her husband, Yevhen Metsger, earned UAH 4.75 million in Ukreximbank in 2020, i.e. over UAH 400,000 monthly.

Besides, he received UAH 11.8 million in salary for the position of deputy board chairperson of Ukrgasbank.

Metsger has an account with a Spanish bank (EUR 25,000), and has UAH 1.1 million in an account with Ukreximbank.

The Metsgers have about USD 400,000 and over EUR 260,000 in cash.

Besides, Yevhen Metsger has borrowed UAH 9.3 million to third parties.

Yevhen Metsger has decided to resign for a period of an investigation into his conflict with journalists of the Schemes TV show.

At the same time, it is noted that the further development of the situation depends only on the conclusions that will be made by the investigation and verification.

Representatives of the Schemes TV show of the Radio Liberty media have restored and published the video record of a conflict between TV show journalist Kyrylo Ovsianyi and Ukreximbank board chairperson Yevhen Metsger as well as the process of the withdrawal of journalists’ equipment by Metsger’s order.

The footage shows that the journalist asks Metsger a question about some loan allocated by the bank, mentions DPR [self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR)], and offers to the board chairperson to look through the documents on the deal.

In response, Metsger says that the question had not been previously agreed upon, stands up, and adds that he wanted to terminate the interview.

At the same time, the information security director of the bank Volodymyr Pikalov says that previously non-agreed questions in the interview violate journalist ethics and prevent the journalists from leaving the premise.

After seeing that the camera continued to work, Metsger calls bank employees and orders them to withdraw the camera from the journalists and erase the footage on it.

After that, the bank employee grabs the camera.

The police have opened a case upon preventing journalist work by Ukreximbank employees.