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Cabinet Approves Major Naftogaz’s Activities For 2021

Cabinet Approves Major Naftogaz’s Activities For 2021

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The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the main directions of activities of the Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company for 2021.

This is stated in a statement by Naftogaz, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“In accordance with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines on corporate governance in state-owned companies, the state should act as an “active owner.” This, in particular, means that the state should transparently determine the direction of activities of state-owned companies, results of these companies’ work, the change of circumstances, etc. Such certainty makes it possible for the company's management to more effectively organize its activities in the appropriate areas," says the statement.

It is noted that the Cabinet of Ministers has determined the main directions of the company's activities:

Creation of balancing groups for gas suppliers to residential consumers, whose members can purchase natural gas from Naftogaz in volumes sufficient to cover the withdrawals of residential consumers, on non-discriminatory (equal) conditions and at a fixed price for the period until May 1, 2022;

Supply of gas to operators of gas distribution networks to cover production and process losses of natural gas in accordance with the terms of setting tariffs for gas distribution;

Assistance in the transition to a new model of settlements for natural gas for residential consumers, when each month such a consumer pays 1/12 of the expected annual cost of consumed gas, calculated in accordance with the consumption profile;

Bringing settlement terms in contracts for the supply of gas to heat generating enterprises, operators of gas distribution networks, as well as in contracts for the sale of gas for supply to domestic consumers in line with the terms of settlements of domestic consumers;

Conclusion of energy service contracts with consumers, which are financed from the state and local budgets and receive services for centralized heat supply, which would allow such consumers not to increase their heat energy costs due to the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

In turn, Naftogaz welcomes the approval of the main directions of the company's activities for 2021 by the Cabinet of Ministers.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 27, the Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Naftogaz board members Serhii Pereloma and Yaroslav Tekliuk, appointing four acting board members.

It is noted that the duties of Naftogaz board members were entrusted to the director of personnel management and social policy of the company Olena Boichenko, adviser to the chairman of the board of the company Vladyslav Volovik, adviser to the chairman of the board of Naftogaz on gas production issues Mavrykii Kaluhin and head of the treasury department of the company Roman Chumak.

Also, the Cabinet of Ministers terminated the powers of all members of the Naftogaz supervisory board, taking over the duties of the supervisory board of the company.

The Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company is a leading enterprise in the country's fuel and energy complex, which is engaged in exploration and development of deposits, drilling, storage of oil and gas, transportation of oil, as well as supplying gas to consumers.

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