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German Deutsche Bahn Starts To Provide Consulting Services In Field Of Passenger Transportation To Ukrzaliznyt

German Deutsche Bahn Starts To Provide Consulting Services In Field Of Passenger Transportation To Ukrzaliznytsia

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The engineering and consulting company DB Engineering & Consulting (Germany), which is part of the national railway operator of Germany, Deutsche Bahn, has begun to provide consulting services in the field of passenger transportation to the Ukrzaliznytsia joint-stock company.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement of Ukrzaliznytsia.

According to the statement, following the results of the first week of work, the specialists of Ukrzaliznytsia and DB Engineering & Consulting created project groups in three areas:

- development of a business plan for passenger transportation;
- introduction of a system for financing passenger transportation;
- support for the purchase of passenger rolling stock.
It is noted that a meeting of the project coordinating committee took place with the participation of acting board chairperson of the Ukrzaliznytsia, Oleksandr Kamyshin, representatives of the supervisory board of the company, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance.
DB Engineering & Consulting received all the necessary documents and developments of Ukrzaliznytsia, which are necessary for the implementation of the project.
Also, the work plan of the project teams was determined, the details of the terms of reference for the consultant were clarified and the priority priorities of the work were determined.
It is noted that DB Engineering & Consulting specialists presented the first results of the analysis of technical requirements for electric trains that will be purchased for the Kyiv City Express project.
German specialists also identified the key elements of the business plan for passenger transportation and announced the first developments of the model for providing services to passengers, which will be discussed during October by representatives of DB Engineering & Consulting, Ukrzaliznytsia and relevant ministries.
It is expected that DB Engineering & Consulting will provide a draft report with recommendations for the modernization of passenger transportation by the end of 2021.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in August, Ukrzaliznytsia agreed with DB Engineering & Consulting on consulting in the field of passenger transportation and intends to transfer the management of passenger transportation to Deutsche Bahn in 2022.