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Cabinet To Oblige Unvaccinated Workers To Do PCR Tests At Their Own Expense - Marchenko

Cabinet To Oblige Unvaccinated Workers To Do PCR Tests At Their Own Expense - Marchenko

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Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko said that the Cabinet of Ministers is going to oblige workers without vaccination to do PCR tests at their own expense.

He announced this in an interview with Ukrainian Radio, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In order not to bring to the closure of institutions, you need to be vaccinated. We do not force anyone, but people must be responsible. If they do not want to get vaccinated, then let them stay at home ... Now we are exploring the possibility of introducing mandatory PCR testing for workers who will not be vaccinated. This will happen at their own expense. In the United States, Biden said that all government employees should be vaccinated. If they do not, then they take PCR tests every day. We are also considering the possibility of such employees not being able to work offline at all. Then they will not be able to come to the workplace," Marchenko said.

He also added that there will likely not be a nationwide lockdown in the case of a significant increase in the incidence.

"Are nationwide lockdowns possible? I am not sure that such restrictions are necessary and possible, because local quarantine measures can solve the problems that exist. However, local measures will be applied to those areas where people are not vaccinated. If employees of institutions and their clients are immunized, then there will be no problems. To be honest, I am not sure whether the state should help those who are not vaccinated," said the Minister of Finance.

According to him, the impact of the pandemic on the budget is minimal, because there is no lockdown.

This year, it is planned to spend UAH 12 billion from the budget for the purchase of the vaccine.

Next year, they also provide for the cost of vaccination - about UAH 3 billion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Health Minister Viktor Liashko allows the introduction of mandatory vaccination against coronavirus for certain categories of citizens.

In September, the Cabinet of Ministers defined the "yellow" and "green" options for the coronavirus vaccination certificate.