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Yuzhanina's Proposal To Require Individuals To Provide Taxpayer Code Or Passport Data When Receiving Internati

Yuzhanina's Proposal To Require Individuals To Provide Taxpayer Code Or Passport Data When Receiving International Parcels Will Destroy Ukraine’s International Express Delivery Industry – Nova Poshta

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The Nova Poshta express delivery company believes that the proposal by Member of Parliament Nina Yuzhanina (European Solidarity faction) to require individuals to provide their personal taxpayer numbers/identification codes or passport information when receiving international parcels will destroy the international express delivery industry in Ukraine.

A representative of Nova Poshta announced this to the Ukrainian News Agency.

"Currently, no logistics company in Ukraine is ready to collect or verify such data. It is technically impossible, and we predict that this will result in the collapse of the entire industry. The amount of cargo at sorting hubs will accumulate and logistics operators simply will not be able to cope with processing and issuing parcels to clients. However, this will not affect the work of branches because foreign shipments that are not cleared and not released into free circulation will not be able to reach the branches at all," the company said.

Nova Poshta believes that this initiative was made by people who do not understand how postal delivery and e-commerce work.

"When shopping for goods on AliExpress or Amazon, for example, nobody asks customers for a passport scan or identification code. There is simply no provision for such a procedure," the company said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Yuzhanina wants to require individuals to provide their individual taxpayer numbers (identification codes) or passport data when receiving international parcels.

In January, the parliament adopted the first reading of a bill on increasing the value-added tax on operations involving the importation of goods into Ukraine via international or express mail by individuals from EUR 100 to EUR 150.