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Zelenskyy's Flight To USA Costs UAH 8.4 Million

Zelenskyy's Flight To USA Costs UAH 8.4 Million

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The cost of air travel for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a delegation to the United States amounted to UAH 8.4 million.

This is evidenced by data from the portal on the use of public funds, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The flight from Kyiv to Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and back from Washington to Kyiv cost UAH 8 million 418 thousand in advance (or USD 316,000 at the NBU rate on the date of entry).

Also in August, UAH 516,000 were paid in advance for the flight of the delegation led by Zelenskyy to Chisinau (Moldova) and back.

Since the beginning of the year, UAH 16 million 672 thousand have been spent on air transportation of the head of state abroad.

In February, Zelenskyy's trip to the United Arab Emirates cost UAH 1.7 million, in April to Qatar, Turkey, France and Poland – UAH 3.4 million, and in July to Lithuania, Germany and Georgia – UAH 2.7 million.

Taking into account working visits throughout Ukraine, almost UAH 20.5 million have been spent on Zelenskyy's flights since the beginning of the year.

The indicated amounts are an incomplete cost of visits, since they do not include accommodation, travel expenses, etc.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 1, Zelenskyy met with Biden in Washington.

During the visit, Ukraine and the United States signed a framework agreement on the strategic foundations of a defense partnership, and the United States announced an additional allocation of USD 60 million of military aid to Ukraine by the end of the year, which includes the purchase of Javelin missile systems.

There Zelenskyy presented a plan for the transformation of Ukraine, which includes more than 80 projects totaling USD 277 billion.

Besides, he also held meetings in the U.S. with Apple CEO Tim Cook and Silicon Valley investors.