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Zelenskyy Satisfied With His Visit To United States

Zelenskyy Satisfied With His Visit To United States

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is satisfied with his visit to the United States.

The President of Ukraine said this to the press in Washington, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

He said that during the visit Ukraine and the United States to sign around 20 documents including those to be signed in California on September 2.

"We have yet to visit San Francisco and Los Angeles. There we will have important meetings with representatives of IT and digital companies and Apple. I believe there we will get a positive result as for their presence on the Ukrainian market," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the White House on September 1, Zelenskyy had a meeting with President of the United States Joseph Biden.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy states that certain guarantees for Ukraine in case of Russia’s Nord Stream-2 launch are to be developed; however, the United States is ready to impose sanctions against Russia in case the project jeopardizes energy security of Ukraine.

Zelenskyy also said that at the meeting, he told Biden that against all odds, Ukraine will fight against this energy weapon.