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Ukraine To Continue Evacuation From Afghanistan After August 31

Ukraine To Continue Evacuation From Afghanistan After August 31

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Ukraine intends to continue evacuation from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan after August 31.

Ukrainian News agency learned this from speaker of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine Oleh Mykolenko.

"Ukraine is planning to continue evacuating Ukrainians from Afghanistan after August 31," he said.

According to him, security threats in the country continue to aggravate, in connection with which the Foreign Ministry and the Ukrainian Embassy in Tajikistan have received a new wave of requests for evacuation from Afghanistan in the past few days.

"Now the embassy is clarifying the data of people, their number, location and keeps in touch with them," Mykolenko said.

Depending on the development of the situation at the Kabul airport, the routes for the return of our citizens may be adjusted.

Now the diplomats together with representatives of other departments are developing further safe exit routes, the possibility of using other airports or ground routes.

"As soon as the first opportunity arises, all our citizens who reported themselves to the Ukrainian embassy in Tajikistan will receive instructions on further actions," Mykolenko stressed.

He assured that no one will be left to fend for themselves, and added that any public whipping up of emotions around the evacuation harms work and creates a risk for both those who want to leave and those who want to help them in this.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman recalled that in terms of the number of citizens evacuated from Afghanistan, Ukraine has one of the highest rates of successful operations among foreign countries whose citizens need help.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on August 15, the Taliban captured the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, and President Ashraf Ghani left the country.

Ukraine evacuated about 700 people including more than 200 Ukrainians from Afghanistan on six planes.

On August 31, the deadline allotted by the Islamist Taliban movement for the evacuation from Afghanistan expires.

Because of this, the meeting of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and President of the United States Joseph Biden was postponed to September 1 at the request of the American side, so that the day could be devoted exclusively to this issue.

Ukraine and 98 other countries signed a joint statement, according to which they intend to continue to issue entry permits to certain Afghans.