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Russia Considers Crimean Platform Dead-End Road

Russia Considers Crimean Platform Dead-End Road

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Russia considers the Crimean platform to be a dead-end road.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced this at a briefing in Vienna, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Austrian journalists asked Lavrov exactly what consequences the Russian Foreign Ministry threatens the countries participating in the Crimean platform, but he did not answer the question.

“Of course, we note how our colleagues relate to the free expression of the will of the Crimean people, which took place in response to the coup d'etat in Ukraine and in response to the threats of the rebellians to knock out everything Russian from Crimea,” he said.

Lavrov is confident that with the new authorities of Ukraine, this threat has not gone anywhere for the residents of Crimea.

"Because President Zelenskyy recently gave an interview and said that those who live in Ukraine and consider themselves Russian should go to Russia. This is no different from the threats that were voiced in February 2014 from Kyiv to Crimeans," he explained his thought.

In his opinion, "the current Ukrainian government is completely subordinate to ultra-nationalist neo-Nazi ideas", which are embodied, among other things, in the adopted laws, for example, on language, on education, on indigenous peoples.

"The new laws, which are now being discussed under the heading "state policy of the transition period," simply uproot everything that the Minsk agreements require them to do. The Ukrainian authorities simply do not want to comply with them," Lavrov said.

Western countries, according to him, can not answer the claims of the Russian Federation to these laws and "continue to blindly support the Ukrainian government."

"(Namely) in its attempts to maintain interest in its own country and in every possible way to beg the West for concessions, money, political gestures of support," he added.

The Crimean platform, according to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, is "a fake event."

Lavrov drew attention to one of the points of the declaration of the Crimean Platform - the requirement for Russia to let international organizations into Crimea to monitor the situation with human rights.

He stated that the Russian Federation has repeatedly invited special representatives of the OSCE and the UN to Crimea for this purpose, but they wanted to get to the territory of the peninsula exclusively from the territory of Ukraine.

"This is a dead-end road. Everyone understands this. But this solidarity, which was shown by the members of NATO and the European Union at an event the day before yesterday, which looked like a play, does not disappear anywhere. This is a falsely understood solidarity. We cannot do anything about it," he said.

Lavrov also criticized the EU's refusal to issue Schengen visas to Crimean residents.

"If there was free expression of will in Crimea, then the inhabitants of Crimea are punished in violation of international conventions for their political views, for voting for the return of Crimea to Russia. This is what we are talking about and what happened in reality. But even If we take the point of view of the West and the authors of this Kyiv declaration, which was approved the day before yesterday, and assume hypothetically that it was an annexation and occupation, then what does it have to do with the citizens of Crimea and their rights to obtain a Schengen visa and travel around Europe? If it was an annexation, then no one asked them, but armed people came and captured the peninsula. Why then should people be punished?" he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 46 countries, including all seven countries of the G7, all 27 EU member states and all 30 NATO members, became the founders of the Crimean platform at its founding summit, which took place on August 23 in Kyiv.

Closing the first meeting of the summit, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy invited Russia to join the Crimean platform and its declaration.