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Both yours and ours: how Merkel and Putin resurrected the "Hitler coalition", - media

Both yours and ours: how Merkel and Putin resurrected the "Hitler coalition", - media

Меркель. Путин. Фото: Антикор
Меркель. Путин. Фото: Антикор

On the eve of the launch of Nord Stream 2, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Kiev.

This visit was preceded her personal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The craftiness of words, a double game and the pursuit of selfish interests of one country have already played a cruel joke with Germany, but it seems they have not taught anything. The publication "Economic News" tells about this in its analytical material.

It is noted, that on the one hand, the German Chancellor is cautious in her expressions and has publicly repeatedly stressed that Nord Stream-2 "should not be used as a weapon".

"But on the other hand, her actions are much more eloquent than words. And all of them are emphatically selfish in relation to the United States, Ukraine and a number of other independent states", - the article says.

Take a handout Following a meeting with the presidents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Angela Merkel said that gas transit through Ukraine should continue after 2024, and Berlin will support the process of extending the agreement, remind the authors of the material.

"At the same time, the prospects for the implementation of such a promise are very ambiguous, especially if we take into account the fact that Germany supported the construction of Nord Stream 2 from the very beginning, and Merkel is leaving her post. That is, further, any violations of the words given by her can be safely attributed to the future chancellor. In addition, one should not forget that it was Merkel who lent her shoulder to Putin by signing an agreement with the United States and freeing Russia from the next Washington sanctions for the implementation of the project", - the article says.

Weakness of the USA

Not only Ukraine is against the construction of Nord Stream 2. For a long time, the United States has taken a very active position on this issue.

"During the implementation of the project, America has introduced two packages of sanctions against companies and ships involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2. But with the winning of Biden, the situation changed. Washington did not impose restrictions on Nord Stream 2 AG, and Joe Biden called them "unproductive", because the project is "almost completed"", - the journalists remind.

On August 20, the US Treasury nevertheless imposed sanctions against the Nobility and Constant companies and the Ivan Sidorenko and Ostap Sheremet vessels. Biden signed a decree at the last moment, according to which measures against Nord Stream 2 became part of the "state of emergency". However, the aforementioned companies and vessels are only threatened with fines, which are quite feasible and not critical for their existence.

Symbolism of dates

It is already obvious, the article emphasizes, that an alliance between Germany and Russia is fraught with "serious consequences" for Ukraine and the United States.

"Moreover, their negativity will grow over the years, provided that there are no tough measures of reaction from the civilized world", - the author of the material predicts. It is recalled that on August 23, 83 years ago, Hitler`s Germany and the USSR signed the so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement. In it, they agreed not only non-aggression of Hitler against the Soviet Union, but also on the mutually beneficial division of the territories of the countries of Eastern Europe.

"How this agreement ended, dictated by greed and dictatorial appetites of both countries, the whole world recalls with pain every year on May 8-9", - the author of the article states.

They describe the story of Nord Stream 2 as a vivid example of disrespect for the lessons of history and the inability to learn from mistakes.

"Otherwise, the behind-the-scenes games of the two countries, which consider themselves authorized to step on the sovereignty and economic freedoms of others, in the 21st century would have to die in the bud But since the memory of Merkel, Biden and Putin failed, for all US congressmen, representatives of the German Bundestag, parliamentarians from Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, etc., it`s time

to read again:

  1. The Budapest Memorandum and the results of its observance.
  2. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and especially its secret agreement.
  3. The agreement signed by Chamberlain with Hitler, which led to the partition of Czechoslovakia, the Dunkern tragedy and the further occupation of France.

From the latter, it is also worth analyzing the agreements between Donald Trump and the Taliban with all their consequences", - the article summarizes.

We will remind, following the meeting with Angela Merkel, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy called Nord Stream 2 a dangerous geopolitical weapon of the Kremlin.

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