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Ukraine Will Need 20 Years To Acquire Membership Of EU, Donbas Conflict Settlement To Acquire Membership Of NA

Ukraine Will Need 20 Years To Acquire Membership Of EU, Donbas Conflict Settlement To Acquire Membership Of NATO – Estonian President Kaljulaid

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President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid considers that Ukraine will need about 20 to acquire its membership of the European Union, and will have to settle the Donbas conflict to acquire its membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The President said this in an interview for the European Pravda media, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“I really think that the EU should be more courageous in the matter of enlargement. It is worth deciding with regard to the Eastern Partnership countries whether this is membership or we will create a special kind of partnership. Both are possible. Personally, I prefer enlargement, but it will take very much time as there are many conditions. To be honest, none of these countries are ready to meet the EU criteria. So it will take maybe 20 years of work to be ready. All of these countries have problems with judicial independence. You are not qualified for EU membership," she said.

Kaljulaid noted that the economies of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are already integrating with the EU economies.

In her opinion, it is worth finding an intermediate format of interaction for these countries.

"Estonia is an active supporter of close cooperation between Ukraine and NATO. But we do not know exactly when and how we will come to this. Sometimes it is worth waiting for the turn of history," she commented on possible membership in the Alliance.

Kaljulaid also answered in the affirmative to the clarifying question of whether the restoration of control over the entire territory of Ukraine is a prerequisite for joining NATO.

"Absolutely! There must be a solution (to the conflict). We hope it will be a negotiated solution. We hope it will be found as soon as possible," added the President of Estonia.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 64% of respondents surveyed in late July - early August by the sociological group Rating support Ukraine's accession to the EU, and 54% - to NATO.