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Heavy rainstorms lash SW China

Heavy rainstorms lash SW China

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View of Chongqing City in Southwest China. Photo by Xinhua.
View of Chongqing City in Southwest China. Photo by Xinhua.

Heavy rainstorms have lashed Southwest China's Chongqing municipality and Guizhou province, said local authorities, according to The Xinhua News Agency reports.

Rainstorms hit 26 districts and counties in Chongqing with precipitation up to 188 mm, said Chongqing hydrological monitoring station.

The water levels in 33 local rivers rose by one to four meters, according to the station.

A total of seven counties in Guizhou Province experienced rainstorms with precipitation up to 145.5 mm, according to Guizhou meteorological bureau.

The bureau launched a level-IV emergency response to rainstorms and issued an alert for flash floods with the provincial water resources department.

Meanwhile, the flood control and drought relief headquarters of Chongqing also issued warning and launched an emergency response to the floods, since rainstorms were forecast to continue in the municipality.

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