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3rd Plane Sets Off To Afghanistan To Evacuate Ukrainians, Issue Of Departure Being Negotiated

3rd Plane Sets Off To Afghanistan To Evacuate Ukrainians, Issue Of Departure Being Negotiated

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The third plane has left Ukraine for Afghanistan’s Kabul to evacuate citizens from there, the issue of departure permit is being negotiated.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from Foreign Affairs Ministry Speaker Oleh Mykolenko.

"We are considering two plans: bringing citizens by a plane staying at Kabul’s airport, and evacuation by a Ministry of Defense’s plane that left for Afghanistan from Kyiv today," he said.

Over 150 Ukrainians are waiting for the evacuation from Afghanistan.

In particular, diplomats are solving the issue of creating a secure corridor towards the airport.

Besides, the issue of safe boarding of the people to the plane and its technical preparation is being also tackled.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry hopes the evacuation will take place soon.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Foreign Affairs Ministry assures that there is no threat for 12 Ukrainians staying at a military base not far from Kabul (the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan), and that negotiation as for their return to Ukraine are underway.

Kuleba said that the Ukrainians are former military, however, they are staying as private persons at the base in Kabul under an international contract with a company-subcontractor of the United Nations (UN).

He said that there are also hundreds of people having citizenship of different states at the base.

The minister assures that diplomats are in permanent communication with the citizens.

On August 15, the Taliban seized the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

That day Ukraine managed to evacuate eight citizens and 71 foreigners including Afghani film director Sahraa Karimi.

Over 150 Ukrainian citizens are waiting for evacuation from Afghanistan.