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Health Ministry To Initiate Quarantine Extension Until November

Health Ministry To Initiate Quarantine Extension Until November

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The Ministry of Health intends to propose to the Cabinet of Ministers to extend the quarantine for another two months - until November.

Health Minister Viktor Liashko has said this during a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Today, adaptive quarantine continues to operate in Ukraine. Now it is until the end of summer, but we have previously discussed, taking into account the epidemiological situation that we see today in the European region, in Ukraine it should be extended for at least two months, which we will initiate in the near future before the Cabinet of Ministers," Liashko said.

Speaking about the upcoming start of the school year in the fall, Liashko noted that if Ukraine remains in the "green" level of epidemic danger, everything will remain as it is now, and the educational process will begin without any additional restrictions, with the quarantine rules that exist today.

When the region goes to the "yellow", "orange" or "red" level of epidemic danger, the educational process will continue in the case if and in those schools where more than 80% of education workers are vaccinated.

According to the Minister, today only in several regions more than 50% of education workers are vaccinated - these are Kyiv, Kyiv region and several other regions.

Liashko noted that there is still time to catch up with the pace of vaccination of teachers and to prevent the educational process from stopping during possible potential quarantine restrictions.

Regarding the mass vaccination of adolescents over 12 years old, he said that so far this issue continues to be studied, since still in Ukraine, a significant part of the adult population has not been vaccinated, who tolerate the coronavirus heavier than children.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in mid-June, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine until August 31, while establishing a "green" level of epidemic danger throughout Ukraine.