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SSU Informed NACB That Chaus Was In Feofaniya Hospital - Sytnik

SSU Informed NACB That Chaus Was In Feofaniya Hospital - Sytnik

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Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB) Artem Sytnik said that the presence of the former judge of the Dniprovskyi district court of Kyiv, Mykola Chaus, in the Feofaniya clinical hospital, was reported to the NACB by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

Sytnik announced this on the air of Radio NV, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We learned that he (Chaus) is in Feofaniya from a letter from the Security Service of Ukraine ... On Monday we received a letter from the mailbox from an investigator of the Security Service of Ukraine stating that Mr. Chaus was a victim in their production and to him measures to ensure (security) are applied ... We have studied this letter and, accordingly, the status of a victim in any case in any law enforcement agency in no way cancels the presence of an arrest in absentia and an international wanted list. And therefore, to be honest, this was a strange letter. I do not understand what it should have influenced, as well as the detectives who are investigating the case," Sytnik said.

He clarified that this letter was thrown into the mailbox on Friday, July 30, but received it only on Monday, August 2.

On August 3, NACB received two more similar letters from the investigative department of the SSU, but with some new information.

“Again it was said that he was a victim, and again it was said that security measures were being taken against this person and that he was in Feofaniya. Therefore, we went there. Detectives drew up a protocol in Feofaniya, doctors discharged him (Chaus), that is, they believed that his condition allows him to be in places of detention, his condition allows procedural, investigative actions ... We learned that he was in Feofaniya from the letter of the SSU, but the letter did not say why this particular institution, we did not investigate this, since it is much more important for us to carry out the investigative and procedural actions that need to be carried out in this case," Sytnik added.

Answering the host's question about the incomprehensible coordination of actions between the SSU and NACB (on July 30, NACB chased the SSU car carrying Chaus, then the SSU sent a letter to NACB about Chaus being in Feofaniya), Sytnik said that “the rational kernel took over and awareness came (to the SSU) that you can't go on like this."

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 30, NACB chased the SSU car carrying ex-judge Chaus.

On July 31, the SSU announced that it did not kidnap Chaus, but acted within the framework of the law and its powers.

On August 3, NACB detained Chaus in the Feofaniya hospital.

On August 4, the High Anti-Corruption Court placed Chaus under 24-hour house arrest.

The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office intends to appeal against Chaus' round-the-clock house arrest.