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UK Transfers 2 Sandown Class Warships To Ukrainian Navy

UK Transfers 2 Sandown Class Warships To Ukrainian Navy

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The United Kingdom transferred two Sandown class warships to the Ukrainian Navy.

This is stated in a statement by the Royal Navy of the British Navy, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Meanwhile, Blyth and Ramsey will get a new life in the Black Sea. As soon as further work on two ships is completed, they will be transferred to the Ukrainian Navy," the statement reads.

It is also noted that Sandown- class mine defense ships have traveled a long journey of 175,000 miles in 21 years (Ramsey) and 185,000 miles in 20 years (Blyth), supporting operations in the Middle East, around the United Kingdom or fulfilling NATO duties in the waters of Northern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

The length of the ships is 52.6 meters, the width is 10.5 meters, and the draft is 2.4 meters.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in June, Ukraine and United Kingdom agreed on the joint construction of warships.

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